XL Canvas Pocket Tote, Obuvumu


This one goes out to all the women constantly being asked, "What all do you have in there, everything but the kitchen sink?" For the maximalists among us who have a lot of baggage-in the best way. You have a lot to carry, and we're here to help you do it in style. The XL Canvas Pocket Tote is crafted from sturdy cotton featuring our cool Obuvumu print and classic caramel-colored leather. The bag includes five(!) external pockets, plus a loop on the back where a suitcase handle can be inserted, so you can stay organized no matter where you're headed.

  • Materials: Cotton (Design Varies), Leather
  • Measurements: 15"H, 23" W, 6.5" D, Zip Closure, 5 External Pockets, 1 Back Panel Sleeve, 2 Internal Pockets, 1 Internal Zip Pocket
  • Product Code: HB158UE
  • With Love from India

Spot clean fabric with mild soap and water. For colorfastness and protection of the leather, you can use a stain and water-resistant spray for leather such as Collonil Carbon Pro Spray, Scotch Guard, Kiwi or Fiebing, should you want to make the leather water-resistant. Test any leather treatment on a small area of the item and follow instructions carefully to prevent any damage to your piece. Should your leather product get wet, the best thing to do is get rid of the water stain before it has time to set. Using a clean, lint-free cloth, soak in as much water as you can by dabbing and not wiping. Allow the item to dry normally without artificial heat or excessive sunlight. After drying, if the water stain remains, a leather cleaner such as our leather serum can help minimize the water stain. Test any leather treatment on a small area and follow instructions carefully to prevent any damage to your piece. (Using a leather conditioner may darken the overall appearance of the leather, so you may want to clean and condition the entire leather based on the severity of the water stain.) For general care of your item in keeping the leather replenished, supple, and soft you can condition with a leather conditioner such as our leather serum. This leather conditioner can be used as often as desired to refresh your leather product.

How it's Made

In India, craft is a tradition that has deep roots in local communities. Our Artisan Partners harness a variety of techniques from all over India, including hand block printing, hand forged glass, metalworking, and vegetable tanned leather. Each style created is a testament to the beauty of collaboration.

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