Leather Coasters, Set of 4


Artisans in Mexico craft these versatile coasters using environmentally sustainable leather. This minimalist set looks stylish on any surface.

Leather is a permeable material that will absorb water, so it is a good idea to wipe down your leather coasters after each use to maintain healthy leather. Should you want to make the leather water-resistant or protect colorfastness, you can use a stain and water-resistant spray for leather such as Collonil Carbon Pro Spray, Scotch Guard, Kiwi or Fiebing. Test any leather treatment on a small area of the product and follow instructions carefully to prevent any damage to your piece. For general care of your leather goods to keep the leather replenished, supple, and soft, you can condition your item with a leather conditioner such as Chamberlain’s Leather Conditioner Liniment No. 1. This leather conditioner can be used as often as desired to refresh your leather goods.

How It's Made

The tannery our Artisan Business Partner works with was the first tannery in America to obtain a gold medal in 2008 by Leather Working Group. This unique environmental certification focuses on leather manufacturing industry, developed an environmental stewardship protocol that evaluates performance on energy and water consumption, waste generation, emissions and safe operating conditions, with the purpose of promoting sustainable environmental practices benefiting the environment, workers and community.

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